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Tianjin Harbor Industrial Zone in the first quarter throughput of 1.471 million tons

Tianjin Binhai New Area Port Industrial Area Jia Yue grain terminals Limited 7-ton bulk grain berth project site yesterday, a busy, loud and piling deafening. Since the beginning of this year, Port Industrial Park Port construction step forward, the throughput of 1,471,000 tons first quarter, up 42%. Harbor Industrial Zone is expected during the year berths will form the cargo handling capacity of 20 million tons.

"Since the beginning of the year, port berths were launched 12 new projects, with 10-ton dredging project is rapidly advancing." Harbor Industrial Zone Management Committee to the staff. According to statistics, as of now, this year‘s total port industrial port 377 and out of the ship, port accumulated throughput of 1.471 million tons, up 42%. In the port "hard conditions" to enhance the same time, the soft environment is perfect. "Port support systems are also stepping up infrastructure, harmonization of customs, border control, quarantine, maritime area into the office." Port with port industrial zone, day good base reconstruction project Wynn Macau has become a distribution center in North China imported propylene, the first ship 1550 tons of propylene has successfully docked Harbor Industrial Zone Port.

It is understood that port port industrial zone investment this year will reach 10 million. During the year to continue building, built 10 berths, build 3 10-ton grain berths, additional annual handling capacity of 8 million tons to form a handling capacity of 20 million tons to achieve throughput of 10 million tons, the port operating income 200 000 000 element. Dredging Waterway Basin will also be full speed, the year will be 100,000 tons and 20 square kilometers of basin-level waterway dredging, dredging for the year to the depth of -14.5 meters. And the Port office building built, Tug Wharf, VTS project, Shipping Terminal and aids to navigation maintenance work base supporting the project.

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