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Port rail link through Asia and Europe opened on August 1 Huanghua Port Navigation

Are in full swing for the construction of Yidundagang ─ ─ Huanghua port integrated port (the Huanghua) has determined to Aug. 1 opening port transport, the first phase will build a 100,000 tons-class general cargo berths 4. Hebei Province to develop the port under the overall planning and strategic planning, Huanghua Bohai New Area will be relying on the location, port traffic, the hinterland of industrial and other advantages, by Han Huang railway railway linking the port 5, as the south center region and the most convenient out of Hebei Haikou, and become the new Eurasian Continental Bridge, the East Channel is another bridgehead.

Coastal economic development strategy of Hebei Province, Huanghua is only one of two related and Huanghua Bohai New Town, are currently in the planning and construction process step by step. Cangzhou City Mayor Liu University Library told us that, in accordance with the development of strategy, planning and project characteristics of the construction cycle, the first phase of 100,000 tons in Huanghua Port cargo terminal will be the first completed stage use.

Completed the first four general cargo berths

He said the provincial government in 2008 approved the overall plan Huanghua Port and Huanghua. Cangzhou City is a concrete implementation of advance, and only a year, more than 60 billion yuan investment. General cargo terminals in the first phase of 2300 meters long jetty has been formed, the current port of the project is in an orderly manner, at least 20 vessels in dredging, piling, dredging and transport of materials supply vessels operating in the sea, the project has been entered countdown time period.

Reporters into the terminal on the site can see, the jetty has already ed into the sea, 40-meter-wide bridge stacks are emerging, which works piling hammer will ship 50 meters long concrete piles into the seabed, underwater engineering pile capitals have been rows of the sea surface, waiting for laying precast bridge stack platform.

LIU Xue library that according to plan, the port from the coal ports, integrated port area, bulk cargo ports, estuaries harbor four parts, three-step development strategy. The first step to build 10-ton berths, the second step to reach 15 million tons, the third step both built 200,000 tons 250,000 tons. The cargo handling capacity, forecast 2015, 2020 and 2030 respectively, the throughput of 2.8 million tons, 365 million tons and 445 million tons. Which, in addition to other than the bulk of coal was 110 million tons, respectively, 145 million tons and 175 million tons. Ore only one, can reach 50 million tons by 2015, up 60 million tons in 2020. At the present development of the situation will be much higher than bulk volume forecast potential.

Xing Xing cheng and Hong Kong, Hong Kong and cities

Reporter from the site overlooking the harbor, the Shenhua Group has a large power plant in Huanghua coal terminal and port owner, the owner through self-built railway, sea and land to ensure a continuing two-way for the power plant The coal feedstock, and coal from north to south on the transportation function. Only in 2009, the terminal handling capacity of 8000 tons, this year set the goal of 86 million tons, with early August if the grocery 100,000 tons after the completion of four berths in the throughput, Huanghua Port is only the beginning has been easy at the beginning close to 100 million tons of throughput, the port area in North China, are very large ports.

This kind of the main bulk cargo port of energy in the country‘s national economy and local economic things play a huge role and function, are common features of coastal ports in North China.

Xue Library also spoke in the "Hong Kong Xingcheng to city Hong Kong" under the new area of Bohai Trinity indispensable position is relying on Beijing, Tianjin, services southern Hebei, Shandong, northern Henan, for the Asia-Europe Railway and Shaanxi, Inner Mongolia and other parts of the opening of the window, is committed to the development of chemical industry base in north China, and Hebei Iron and Steel industrial base in North China a major power source of energy, port-based logistics, distribution logistics to support the city‘s regional shipping center and international of the regional logistics center.

New development in three stages, from 2006 to 2010 focused on breakthrough stage, GDP quadrupled from 2005 to reach 40 billion yuan. 2011-2020 for the overall expansion phase, to build a more competitive province‘s industrial zone, the Bohai Sea region a billion dollar of GDP over the economic growth areas, the realization of regional GDP to up to 1600 billion yuan, and then create a new Cangzhou.

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