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International Shipping (China) Annual Meeting: The crisis is bottoming out optimistic recovery

LONDON Nov. 14 news: known as the "Marine Davos" reputation "International Shipping (China) Annual Meeting 2009," concluded in Qingdao on the 13th, the world‘s elite maritime industry generally believe that the economic rebound of the situation, the pace of recovery in international shipping are also getting closer.

The forum theme is "known to be potential change", in the two-day period, delegates discussed the "vision", "plan change", "the firm", "Review," "opportunity," "On the Road" , "Innovation", "Tongji" eight issues, in-depth background of the international financial crisis the shipping market new wind direction.

Congress generally agreed that the world economic crisis has bottomed out, the economic recovery will be reflected in the shipping industry on slowly. COSCO president Wei Jiafu in the "market needs rational" keynote speech, predicted that the operation of the shipping industry may be better next year. At the same time, he thought, experienced a second financial crisis, the world shipping industry, the focus will further shift to Asia.

The world‘s largest owner organization, the Baltic and International Maritime Association of the new main Xiluorenmai expressed the same view. He said that currently the maritime industry is in dire straits, but in the long run, the shipping industry is very optimistic. Because globalization is the trend, trade will recover very soon and this recovery will be delivered to the shipping industry.

There was also general agreement that excess capacity is also affecting the shipping industry is an important factor in the development, the General Assembly called for, shipping companies should be reasonable storage capacity and the removal of old vessels, speed up the recovery of sea.

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