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Sea freight surcharge

Additional fees and abbreviations Analysis (SURCHARGES)
In order to maintain the stability of a period of time the basic rate, but also accurately reflect the variety of goods to Hong Kong shipping costs, shipping lines in addition to the basic rate, to compensate for the loss also provides a variety of additional surcharge fees. There are: BAF (BUNKER SURCHARGE OR BUNKER ADJUSTMENT FACTOR) fuel surcharge, the surcharge when fuel prices suddenly rise, most of the routes are, however, have different standards. CAF (DEVALUATION SURCHARGE OR CURRENCY ADJUSTMENT FACTOR) devaluation of the currency surcharges, currency devaluation, the ship will not reduce the actual revenue, according to a certain percentage of the basic tariff subject to a surcharge. PCS (PORT CONGESTION SURCHARGE) port congestion surcharge , port congestion surcharge increase in ship berthing time surcharge. Generally, Israel, India and Central and South American routes to use certain ports SPS Shanghai Port Surcharge (shipping hung Hong Kong and Kowloon District, 10 District) FAF fuel price adjustment surcharge (Japan route-specific) YAS yen surcharge (Japan route-specific ) GRI surcharge integrated rates rise, generally the South American routes, U.S. routes using DDC, IAC direct shipping surcharge, the North American routes using IFA temporary fuel surcharges, some of the temporary use of PTF Panama Canal route surcharge, U.S. routes, Central and South America route using the ORC local export surcharge, and the SPS is similar to normal in South China using EBS, EBA some routes the fuel surcharge that way, EBS route is generally used in Australia, EBA general routes in Africa, Central and South American routes using the PSS peak season surcharge Most routes in the peak season may be the temporary use of transport


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